Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Gotta love yard sales!!

My MIL and I went to a huge yard sale the Rescue Mission was holding this past weekend. She works in their office answering phones. The Rescue Mission has received so many donations, they just can't put it in their stores in this area. So to avoid throwing it away, they decided to hold a public sale and prices were lower than they would be in their stores. Below are the things I found at the sale and at a barn sale near my home.
These are all new greeting cards...a nice variety of birthday, Christmas and misc. These were all in a bedroom-sized trash can and I think it was only $1 or $2!

I love the bright colors of Mary Englebright products... This tin is hinged and inside are some new note cards and a nice pen.

I am SOO glad I found this set. It's ELLO...a creative system for girls. My oldest daughter loves this and I plan on finding more for her. I paid $1 for this!

Okay...I lumped almost everything together for these next two photos...just easier. :)
The picture on the left is of an oil painting print.....a cottage with huge rose bushes surrounding it. The other picture is a Monet print, called "Path in the Ile-Saint Martin". I paid $1 each for these....they do need new frames though.
The square object in the front is an acrylic trivet that has dried and pressed Queen Anne's Lace flowers and leaves in it...that was $.50.
The pan is a stove-top grill....$1.00. Next to that are three huge spiral-bound cookbooks.
Behind those are a pile of Ty Beanie Babies...3 mini and 3 regular size. Cara is always asking for Beanie Babies..this time I could afford them!
Next to the beanies is a nice pile of Bernat yarn...all of that for $1!
And behind everything are 3 things for the kids....a NIB Dora Colorforms, a puzzle...40 Hats for 40 Cats and Moley Gets Dressed. His clothes are magnetic!

Okay....the rest of the pile is books....lots of books! I think I paid $4 for all of them..mostly children's paperbacks....but all are in wonderful condition. Oh....there's also a butterfly photo frame, from Home Interior's...that's was $1 also! That is for Cara's room.

I've wanted one of these coats for a long time....it is completely washable and it's very warm! It fits perfectly and I paid $2 for it!!

These are one of my favorite figurines...but I've just never purchased one. This is the Learning Angel from Willow Tree. Her head was broken off, but with a little Super Glue, she's almost back to normal...just a little chip missing from her shoulder/neckline.

This was a great find! I paid $4 for this. It is now my nightstand.

To say the least, we had a wonderful time together and found some GREAT deals! I hope to visit more yard sales this summer. Now I will be on the lookout for school clothes for Cara and winter clothes for Caitlin.
There are two different types of roses growing in front of this trellis....but both are red. I think the one in front is an old-fashioned rose and the tall one is a tea rose? The shorter rose has multiple flowers on the end of each stem, the other has only one flower.
The Roses have Bloomed!

Close up of the Honeysuckle flowers behind our house.
They smell divine!

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Caitlin....the Ham

Our neighbor's 10-yo daughter took all of these photos of Caitlin yesterday. I say she did a nice job capturing Caitlin with some great expressions! Caitlin is almost 29 months old.

Still growing....
The Zinnias are growing beautifully....there's even a couple with flower buds on them! I think my back porch receives just the right amount of sunlight. They are growing at least 5 times faster than the zinnias I planted in the back bed!

And here are the calendulas....no flower buds on these yet, but it shouldn't be long! I'm looking forward to adding petals from these to my salads! Yes, you can eat Calendula petals!

The Jade Sunflowers are growing nicely too! These should just about reach the top of the fence behind them. I believe this is a multiple branching variety too!

Cherry tomatoes....these won't stay on the plants long after they're ripe!!

This rose was purchased at Kmart last year....I didn't think it made it through the winter, but it surprised me. We had a nice warm spell and suddenly leaves appeared! The color in the photo is true to life...isn't is wonderful???!!!
New Flower Pics!
This beautiful Gerbera Daisy was a gift from my neighbor for my birthday. This bloom is not fully opened yet....I just loved the look of it!

I do believe this perennial is an aster. Such pretty lavender petals.

One of the rosebushes ready to open up! I didn't realize this before, but there are two differents varieties of red rose in front of my trellis. This one has multiple blooms on a stalk and the other has only single blooms.

The last iris...these flowers are gorgeous, but they don't last long enough in my opinion!

The color of this rose is difficult to photograph. It's a coral-y-pink, not as red as in the picture. Can you see the raindrop in the center?? We had a doozy of a thunderstorm roll through last night.....very windy with lots of rain, thunder and lightning.