Sunday, September 30, 2007

My DH and Caitlin....sound asleep.
This is about the only time I can take a photo of my husband....he does NOT like his picture taken. :( Caitlin has been very snuggly with him lately...just adorable.
Growing fast, isn't she??!!
Here's Miss Caitlin, now almost 32 months old! She was pretending to be Superman the other day...her latest cute thing to do. :) Though she doesn't say 'Superman', she says "Supeman", totaling leaving out the 'r'. Simply adorable...makes me smile every time I hear her say it.

She was just being a total ham that day...I snapped a lot of great pictures.

Amazes me how big those eyes are! And how dark!

These two were taken about a week earlier. She has been taking naps again a couple days a week....and that day she fell asleep while watching a movie at about 7PM. Makes me giggle to see this picture. Her hands were tucked neatly behind her back.