Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Fair Haven Beach State Park Trip!

I always catch the funniest faces on Caitlin! She LOVES the water and sand.

We went with my youngest sister, Samantha, and her son, Jaydon. He loves playing with his cousins. :)

I'm not sure what they were searching for?! Maybe shells...there are some, but they are very tiny!

Cara....half buried.

Caitlin just taking a stroll.

Caitlin wanted me to take a picture of her falling for some reason...this was the result. I love this picture!

Brendan making a sand angel.

Cara getting buried by Jaydon.

Caitlin's turn to make a sand angel!

A view to the northeast of the beach. The clouds in the distance were the edge of the cold front and rain that moved away just before we arrived.

A view of the wall to the east.

Attempting to make a moat or pond.

The end result of their castle...it ended up just a pile of sand with a moat that ran back to the lake.

Caitlin making her own sand castle.

Brendan filling up his new bucket.

The kids were all filling their buckets at the same time to fill the moat. That's Samantha helping them out.

They all thought the moat was fascinating...how it would hold water after a while.

We had a lot of fun and plan to go back a couple more times this summer.