Friday, June 13, 2008

Veggies & Flowers

In the back left corner of our property(which is only 33 x 66) to the lilac...irises, which have already bloomed, Asiatic Lilies, Sunflowers and some kind of tall, pink perennial my MIL gave me. In front of the string trellis are green beans and peas....and behind the trellis is Sweet Peas, I think.

Sorry about the weird angle of this shot! I had to stand in the little bit of shade there was to get this photo. This is in front of the peas and green beans. There are 9 tomato plants in different varieties, 6 eggplants, 6 yellow bean plants and about 12 Nasturtium plants growing from seed.

Here's the other side of the back can see all the beans, cucumbers and more sunflowers(behind the trellis on the right. There's also a few Morning Glories and a Mini Pumpkin growing next to the bricks.

Beautiful, cheery Strawflowers. These are fast becoming one of my favorite flowers. I have 6 more in various colors that will be blooming in the next few days!

The very beautiful Gazania...a sun-loving flower that only opens in the bright sunshine.

Pam's and my herb garden. In the fence there are short sunflowers, gladiolas, Morning Glories and a couple tiny Zinnias. The light green plant is Golden Oregano, and behind that are Chives. Keep going down the path and you will find Winter Savory, Rosemary, Basil, Lemon Thyme, Curly & Flat-Leaf Parsley, a couple tomato plants, a couple pepper plants and a mum.

Our roses used to be here, with a wooden fence in between. We really, really wanted a place just for the herbs, so we moved the roses, threw out a couple that just weren't thriving and totally redid this bed. We both love it....and so do the kids, who love picking some of the herbs leaves to munch on!

I bought many flower boxes this year, most of the from Dollar Tree! The bottom box is Nasturtiums(which you can eat....the flower.....just pick, wash and add to salads!) and the top box is mixed lettuce. I like growing lettuce in boxes...I can move them out of the hot sun when need be...since they wilt so quickly!

This bed is finally coming together the way I've wanted it to since we moved here. I started this last summer and this summer I extended it all the way to the sidewalk next to the house(on the left). Sean built the edging for was necessary because our lot has a gradual slope to it.

I will take more photos of the individual plants in this bed and posting them. There are too many for me to list right now...

This is along our house...the plants in the foreground are double orange lilies....I've never seen them in any catalog ever! Right behind the lilies are orange Pansies, orange and yellow marigolds and a white mum which has already flowered. Do you like the little yellow lanterns?? Those were a find at The Christmas Tree Shop last month....for only $1 each!!! They hold a tealight candle.

You can see into our backyard, the clothesline and our back porch, which goes into the kitchen. That porch is lined with flowerboxes...perfect spot for the morning sun!
Caitlin's Pool Adventures!

Caitlin LOVES the water....loves filling the pool with her little creatures and Little People. It's been very hot here lately, so she's been using the pool almost every day.

Oops! She's terribly clumsy some days...but it's so cute!
She also loves the out Mommy!

Monday, June 9, 2008 photos of my children!

Cara is now 9 1/2...look at those beautiful blue eyes and freckles!!

Brendan is now 7 1/2...he took this photo of himself.

Caitlin playing outside with all the Maple tree helicopters.

Caitlin is now 3 1/2...and VERY independent!! She loves the camera!

Definitely the family clown....such a silly girl!

Another of Cara I love. I think I will have the two photos of her framed.
Women of Faith 2008

This past Friday and Saturday, I took my 5th trip with other ladies from my church to a Women of Faith conference in Rochester, NY. This weekend is usually the only time I can get away for a time of relaxing and encouragement each year. I look forward to it very much and I am NEVER disappointed!! Whether you are a woman who is a believer or not, I highly recommend attending a conference near you. Click here to go to the website that offers information on dates for the remainder of this year's "Infinite Grace" conferences held all over the USA.

This year, the speaker's were Sheila Walsh, Patsy Clairmont, Marilyn Meberg, Luci Swindoll and Steve Arterburn (the founder of WOF). All were excellent and all made you both cry and laugh.

We were blessed to hear three amazing singers this year.....Natalie Grant, Nicole C. Mullen and Sandi Patty! Here's a short video of one of Natalie Grant's songs...sorry I couldn't get it all...I need a memory card with more space!! Enjoy!