Friday, November 9, 2007

I noticed this one day while in my kitchen. I have a round wooden table that is topped with a removable glass circle. The sunshine was coming in the window just right and made the hairline cracks in the glass glow like neon!
Is this cool, or what?? When I walk the kids to the bus stop each morning, I love to look at the leaves that have fallen on the ground. This caught my eye.
A finished project!

This was a request from my neighbor...a hunting hat. The orange is a Merino wool blend that I dyed before spinning. The tan is 100% undyed Alpaca from a male named Beau. He lives at Willow Creek Farm in Fulton, NY. One of my favorite fibers to spin!

The pattern is one I found online. It's called the Double Layer Hat. As you can see from the last photo, it can be worn with either color on the outside. This hat is very warm, no matter what fibers you use. You start to knit with double-points, then switch to a circular. You could easily make this smaller for a child by subtracting the number of beginning increase rows, stockinette rows, ribbing rows, and ending decrease rows. I used needles that were just a bit bigger than what was called for...only because that's all I had. But the hat fit my neighbor PERFECTLY! :)

I received another order for one of these...from my other neighbor! Better get started!