Saturday, February 17, 2007

My cat is weird.....
I walked by the toy area on my way downstairs this morning and realized what Angel was doing. I laughed so hard....she was just chilling out, soaking up some rays. I ran to get the camera and thankfully she hadn't moved. My husband is right...every pet I've owned is weird...but I think Angel wins this one hands down!!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

And here's Angel...she's almost 6 months old already! She is a very beautiful cat, half tiger and half calico...a very unique coloring. She is quite the ditz though...she gives me lots of laughs, but drives Sean crazy. She loves water....loves to sit in the sink or on the edge when I do the dishes. She even fell in the tub when I was taking a shower one day. It didn't seem to bother her too much. And the other day she was watching the second hand on the clock tick away. A very curious cat indeed! She is sweet too....she loves to sit on the desk when I'm at the computer, sometimes trying to catch the mouse cursor on the screen and she'll sleep on my lap when I'm spinning or knitting. Keeps me warm...who needs a blanket!?
Valentine's Day!
My dear, sweet husband brought me these surprises home last night...a beautiful mini rose, chocolate and Ben & Jerry's ice cream. He really made my day. :) The night before, I gave him his gift...a very soft and cuddly microfiber blanket to match his recliner. He loved it. He very much looks forward to relaxing in his chair each night after a long day on his feet.
Last night I made dinner and got all dressed up for him...I wore a pretty dress and did my hair...which did exactly what I wanted it to for a change!! And yes, he did notice.
We're all ready for spring!!!
It's still snowing her in Oswego County, NY. Last week the lake effect continued for about a week, with some towns receiving WELL over 100". Tuesday night a Noreaster hit and ended last night. We received about a foot here. Now a little bit of lake effect is kicking in again. Shoveling is getting old....the snowbanks are so high in some places that it's very difficult to throw the snow over them. I often have to push the snow to another lower bank. Needless to say, I'm getting lots of great exercise this month!
The photo above is a view out the back door, looking at our garage and driveway. The poor Neon has been sitting for over 2 months now, waiting for it's fate. You can see the piles of snow on the porch railings of our neighbor's house...which is vacant no one has shoveled in the past month.
Another view out the back door, looking at the side of the garage. That pile was a lot higher until the kids played on it. It was easily more than halfway up the side of the garage!

A view looking out our front door. You can see the trash can across the street and the bank next to it. Most are much higher than that...and you have to remember that a lot of the snow has compacted.
A closeup of the neighbor's garage across the street and the houses behind.
This is looking out our front window to the left. That maple tree is at the edge of our driveway and the telephone pole is at the other side. Those banks are so high, I cannot throw the snow over them anymore. I have to push most of the snow from the bottom of the driveway up to where the little apple tree is(on the left side of the photo).

Monday, February 5, 2007

Latest projects and more....
A nice batch of little batts I made with leftover fibers. These will all be spun to use for crocheting granny squares for a swap with Debra. The last 4 squares I've made are below.

I crocheted one mitten for Cara yesterday...the other will be done today. I'm using Lion Brand's Jiffy yarn...thick and fuzzy and warm! Too bad it's too cold for the kids to go outside today. Many of the schools around here closed for the day due to bitter cold temperatures and a nasty wind chill. The lake effect snow is hitting again and it's looks like we've already received 6 inches in the last 3 hours! And from the looks of the radar, it might be sticking around for a little while.
A knitted scarf in progress with TLC's Macaroon yarn in the colorway Raspberry. I'm using size 13 needles, so this will knit up very quickly. Each skein is 115 yards.

I visited our local dollar store, Real Deals, and found this yarn...yep, $1 a skein!!! The multi yarn is Moda Dea Swirl in a color called Tinker...SOOOO soft! The blue yarn is Moda Dea Tutu in a color called Cabana Blue. These yarns are not cheap when bought at full I was VERY happy to find these. Most of this yarn will become scarves or headbands or wrist warmers or fingerless gloves!