Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Latest projects
This is a scarf for my neighbor. It is handspun (by me) Merino wool blended with viscose fiber. The viscose gives the yarn a shine a softness similar to silk. I LOVE spinning this blend.

A dishcloth knit with cotton yarn. This pattern took a while, but I love how it made the yarn have a diagonal striping effect! Next time though, I need to bind off a bit differently to make the edge smoother.

This is a scarf that I'm almost finished with...hopefully today. The yarn is handspun by my neighbor's oldest daughter..she's 13. She's fairly new to spinning, so the yarn is a wonderful thick and thin bulky...which makes it fun to knit with! I had the yarn stored here, but there wasn't enough of one color to make something. I chose size 11 bamboo needles and I think they really show off the yarn well. I thought this would be the best use for the yarn...and it just is very her.

One of my favorite flowers. I planted these from seed this summer. They are still blooming, even this late in the year. I have cut many to bring inside for my table...they make me smile every time I look at them. This pink is one of three colors I have. The other two are white and a dark magenta. Enjoy!

Another trip to Beaver Lake!

Sean and I celebrated our 10th anniversary on October 25th! He took Thursday and Friday off we could spend some time together. Friday was a beautiful day, unseasonably warm for an October day in Central we decided to go to Beaver Lake. It is only 15 minutes from here and it's a place the kids ALWAYS enjoy visiting. This time though, Cara and Brendan were in school, so it was just Caitlin that came with us. Here are photos I took...enjoy!
Dried fern leaves.

There were thousands of Canadian geese on the was very loud! They're just stopping here on their way south.

Fallen leaves and lily pads mingling together in the bog.

A very cool black and red maple leaf....

and an equally cool lime and red leaf. This is maple too, but a different variety I believe.

Caitlin and Sean. He was giving Caitlin's legs a break. No stroller this time!

A view from the lookout tower of the changing leaves.

Sean noticed this interesting tree. It is totally bent over horizontal and resting in the forks of those two smaller trees. It is not broken at all.

A bird's nest you would never see if the leaves were still on!

Caitlin attempting to use the binoculars! She kept looking through the wrong end was very cute. She insisted on keeping them hanging on her neck, but every time she bent over to look at something, they crashed on the ground, or while she was walking, they crashed into her legs.

Caitlin standing next to an uprooted tree. She thought that was fascinating!

Pretty, waxy leaves changing color. I love the two colors contrasting...

Friday, October 19, 2007

My the bus stop.
My children are hams....what more can I say!??! Cara is growing up so fast...and she's going to be SO tall...just like her daddy! She will be 9 in January.
Silly girl...her daddy loves this photo!
Grinning kids...gotta love smiles!
Harvest & Frost
Last Monday the kids and I took a trip with my friend, Kim, to Beak & Skiff Apple Farm in Lafayette, NY. We picked about 17 pounds of Empire and Jonagold apples...the kids loved that experience! And we purchased apple fritters and fresh cider...yummmmm!!! We did get caught in a short rain shower...with some thunder and lightning in the distance. Do you know how difficult it is to hold and umbrella and keep three children under it at the same time???!!!

On our way back, we stopped at a pumpkin patch and chose the pumpkins in the photo above. The kids were VERY excited about choosing their own pumpkins.

Yesterday morning, while waiting at the bus stop, I noticed the dewdrops on these rose petals. I've never seen this before, so I had Cara run back to the house to grab my camera. As you can see in background of the next photo, it was foggy. It's been warm here the past few the 70's...which is not really normal for this time of year in Central NY! You won't hear me complaining though....I LOVE this weather and I am NOT looking forward to snow and cold again.

I was able to plant my spring bulbs yesterday! My MIL and I went in together on bulbs from American Meadows (online). I happened to find their site when they were having an awesome sale...50% off all the spring bulbs! I chose fringed tulips, a big bag of mixed tulips, a big bag of mixed pink daffodils, daffodils that are white with a green cup, double daffodils that are a blend of bright orange and yellow, and purple Alliums. I am really looking forward to seeing all the awesome colors in the spring.

I love the color of new rose leaves....above and below. The dew seemed to brighten the colors. The dew on the red leaves almost looks like ice to me.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Enjoy these photos of Caitlin I've snapped over the past couple weeks.

A neat visitor!
I almost grabbed onto this very cool praying you can see, it's on one of my clothespins. It's about 2 inches long....and I'm so glad I was able to snap such clear photos of it. There have been a couple of these in my flowerbeds this year. The first one was very tiny, maybe an inch long. It was chilling on my Cosmos.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I need a home!

I showed up at Amanda's home Tuesday morning...I can't stay here permanently though(thought Amanda really wishes I could!). I am very, very friendly, soft, and I love to snuggle! I'm young too...still small and still playful. If you can give love me and give me a home indoors, I would be so thankful! Please e-mail Amanda at whirlwindyarns77 @ yahoo dot com .
(Amanda thinks I am a neutered male, but not positive.)