Monday, January 26, 2009

Swap-Bot "This is Where I Live" swap!

My name is Amanda and I live in Central New York, USA. We live in a small house in a very small city in lake effect snow country! Sometimes I can't stand the cold and snow, but I'll take that over earthquakes, tornadoes and hurricanes any day!

Sean and I have three children ages 10, 8 and 4...and now are expecting baby #4, due in September! It's going to be a little snug in here, but with a little rearranging, we're able to give Brendan his own room, the girls share a room and an old small bedroom will become the nursery!

I'll be posting photos of the nursery work in progress on my pregnancy blog which can be found here. It has to be totally gutted and we'll be using a part of a large closet on the other side of the wall to create a built-in dresser and closet. Have to make the best use of the space!

This is the messy closet husband's and my clothes, as well as a catch-all. This is due for a good cleaning and reorganizing very soon! Our bedroom is off to the left.

Our livingroom...small, but cozy. I am a handspinner, so my wheel is always there waiting to be used! The entire house has the original (1913-14) pine plank floors. They are splintering and paint is peeling, so we would love to put down laminate flooring eventually.

The right side of my kitchen...I have very little counter space, so I often catch myself filling it up quickly with everything!

The left side of the kitchen and the back door. That sink and cabinet(white) is from the 50's I think...I'm REALLY looking forward to that being well as the stove!!

The full bath upstairs...looking down the short hallway. Like the color?? I love bright colors to brighten up small spaces!

Cara(10) and Caitlin's(4) room...we totally cleaned this yesterday.

Our diningroom with a vent-free gas stove behind the table...keeps us very toasty and we can still use it when the power goes out! Caitlin was playing at the table with her little pigs and bunnies.

Our computer area on the landing at the top of our stairs, next to our bedroom. We painted this area just a couple months ago..used to be an icky yellow...what a difference!!

Brendan's (8) room downstairs. This is where the computer used to be. This was painted last month....just a little more spot painting to do. He LOVES his new room, but it still needs a door!

The kid's bookcase outside the upstairs bathroom. Most of these books were found at thrift stores!

A shot from last May...our beautiful lilac bush next to our neighbor's garage. It's getting a little out of hand...time for a trim!

My veggie garden behind our home...last summer. Our property is only 33x66 feet, so I have to make very good use of all the space!

A view of my side flowerbed from the upstairs window last summer. The tall ligt pink and purple flowers are cleomes. Some of them were over 6 feet tall!!!

And a shot from early this winter...just a little taste of the snow that was to come. I think we've received well over 100" so far...and there still almost 2 months of winter!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Cara and her new sleeping bag set...isn't it cute??

Cara loves her stuffed animals...and most recently...Webkins. She got a tiger this year. She gets to use the code and play games to earn points on the website.
Sean chilling in his chair...stinks that I have sneak photos of him!!

Our Christmas tree for 2008! We took it down New Year's day...our living room seems huge now.

Sean snuggling with was REALLY cold that night!! Caitlin loves her Daddy!!

Brendan with our tree...I think it was a blue spruce.

Sean decided to give Brendan his own toolbox, stocked with tools! He was VERY excited about this gift...he can't wait to help Sean in the garage when it warms up!

Brendan and one of the many Transformers he received this Christmas. Ironhide is one of the more difficult ones to transform....daddy usually has to help with that one.