Friday, July 28, 2006

Latest Photos of Caitlin
I know it's been awhile since I posted any photos of my are 3 of Caitlin that were taken on the 25th of July.

We couldn't decide who Caitlin looked like..but after seeing a photo of her grandma(daddy's side) when she was about this age...we know now!! Almost identical...

I love closeup shots...all of these were taken by my neighbor's 9 year old, Danielle.

Caitlin is quite the silly little girl....she has an amazing personality. She's still not saying much, but I can tell she's trying to repeat words now! One thing she doesn't lack is understanding...she just boggles my mind with how much she knows and remembers. And I'm so blessed that she obeys so well...unless she's really tired that is! Then it just takes a little extra encouragement....
My Sunflower Patch
All of the sunflowers that came up this year were from seeds that fell from last year's bunch.

I only have one stalk of this color this year...I just love the red sunflowers.
Most of the sunflowers are like this cheery!

The really tall sunflower in the back has not bloomed just keeps reaching for heaven!

This little sunflower is too cute...just had to have a photo of it!

I wasn't sure if this rose would bloom this year or was almost bareroot when I bought it a couple months ago. I think the name is's a pretty grayish-lavender. I remember seeing a rose that was close to this color at a conservatory in Minnesota about 10 years ago....and how much I loved it!