Monday, September 25, 2006

More kittens photos...they are now four weeks old!
They've discovered a basket and my spinning chair....
Angel....I love her coloring. Very different from her brothers.
This is Tigger....he's very shy, but eventually warms up...he was curious about the camera.
I think this is Toesies...he's the VERY curious one. He's always crying to come out of the play area in our downstairs bathroom...already he's trying to climb the baby gate.
Another knit hat....rose gray alpaca and black/brown llama. This one was a request from a neighbor.
Finally I had a decent day to dye some wool! This is a whole pound. The black/turquoise/jade green wool will be spun and knit into a scarf for our neighbor's oldest daughter. I let her choose her colors.
This lovely yarn will be sold together. The darker skein is my own blend of Suri Llama and white Satin Angora. The lighter skein is also my own blend of Appaloosa Llama and white Satin Angora. They are both very soft! I may be offering these on Ebay in the next couple days. E-mail me if interested!

Friday, September 22, 2006

My latest trip to The Salvation Army.....I happened to go when three of the four colored tags were 50% off! These 7 items cost me only $12!!! And they are all name brands...Old Navy, Aeropostale, The Limited & NY&C....stores I never go to to buy new. The hooded jacket on the bottom is a deep blue velour...I just love it....I wear it everyday.

I finally remembered to bring my camera along to snap a couple photos of him getting on the bus. He loves school and looks forward to going back every day! He gives his bus driver a high five every cute!
These lovely batts are 100% Tibetan Terrier dog hair! This batch weighs 6 ounces...a lot of time to get the hair to this point. I have to use two small dog slicker brushes to pull the balls of hair apart and straighten, then it's all put through my drum carder to make the batts...these are ready to spin into a yummy bulky yarn.
This yarn turned out prettier than I thought! It's Superwash Merino...about 4 ounces. This yarn will be knit into a baby boy's vest and if I have enough, a matching hat or booties.
And this yarn is the finished alpaca from a previous post. I ended up with 257 yards. It's not very soft, reminds more of a mohair yarn. If anyone is interested in this yarn...I will be either listing it on Ebay(ID is whirlwindhandspuns) or my Etsy shop.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

New Kitten Photos!
This is one of the little boys....the calmer of the two. They were all curious of the camera and me.
Here are the boys getting ready to go back to sleep. Next week I will start them on moistened Kitten Chow and they'll begin weaning from Gracie. As of today, they are 20 days old.
And here's Miss Angel. Isn't she pretty? Her coloring is similar to Gracie's, with a little more orange popping through on her head. She is very timid and has a very quiet meow.
Angel again....just watching me...I just love her pink mouth! Too cute!
And lastly, all three cuddled together napping. I have moved them to under the stairs in our half bath. We hang coats there and behind that is some empty space. I've blocked it off with a baby gate for now, but once they start climbing, DH may need to build something they can't climb...that way they have a safe place to be when we're not home.

Friday, September 8, 2006

Set of 7 Stitch Markers. Glass beads. Fits up to a suize 10 1/2 knitting needle. Just over 1" long.
$3.50 + $1.00 First Class shipping
Set of 9 Stitch Markers. Glass beads. Fits up to size 10 1/2 knitting needles.
1 1/4" long.
$4.50 + $1.00 First Class shipping

Wednesday, September 6, 2006

This is what's on my wheel today....just started this morning. It's alpaca from Winderwood Farm. Not too soft, but I'm spinning it very thin...hoping for yarn that will be good for a lacy shawl.
Just had to include another photo of my sunflowers. I picked these yesterday to bring indoors for my kitchen.
Deal of the Year!!!

My husband's mom works at the Rescue Mission Drop Off trailers full time. She is able to put things aside that she would like to buy...and at my request, she set this awesome bread machine aside for me!!!! :) (Plus one for herself.) AND...she only paid $2.00 for it, yes, $2.00. It's huge....bakes a 2 1/2 pound loaf. So, I know what I'll be doing a few times a week. I'm really looking forward to using's instruction and recipe book came with it too.
** If anyone has a bread machine recipe you wouldn't mind sharing with me, I would sure appreciate it!! E-mail me. **
She also purchased several very nice shirts for my husband and pants and shirts for Brendan. Most of the clothes were $.25!!! Thank you!!!!
First Day of School - 2006/2007

Here's Brendan in one of his new shirt and short outfits! He is so excited. Today is only Kindergarten Orientation...his daddy took him in for just a couple hours and had lunch with him. Brendan is very much looking forward to riding the bus by himself. He was quite upset that he wouldn't be riding today like his sister. It looks like his bus ride will be 10 minutes or less! I'm very thankful for that.
Here are all three of our children waiting for Cara's bus...they were just having fun and being silly. Caitlin kept seeing squirrels and plugging her they were stinky. That whole thing first started at the Fair last Thursday when we visited the pig building...that was cute.
And here's Miss Cara.....7 1/2 years old and starting 2nd grade. Doesn't seem possible that I have a child this old. (Sorry this photo is kinda blah...the lighting in that room isn't too great.)
I just love this shot....Caitlin and Cara are pretty good buddies. When the bus pulled away this morning, Caitlin started running down the sidewalk after her....made me a little sad. But now it's just her and I....and I can really concentrate on training her in the way she should go. We have to work on a few things (like hitting and screaming) and potty training may start very soon!
And here's Caitlin at the table...she was enjoying some donut holes that Grandma brought along. My husband's mom came over bright and early to see the kids off.
These are the next three 12" granny squares for Debra's and my swap...I LOVE the green one! I used all of my own handspun yarn! **Debra...I'll be mailing these soon!**

Sunday, September 3, 2006

More KITTEN photos!
This is Angel.....happily nursing and probably half asleep.
This is Angel and one of her brothers....the only way to tell the brothers apart is their feet. The first one born has extra toes on each foot and his brother has normal feet.
And here's Gracie, loving life....she purrs nonstop when the kittens are nursing.
Isn't he cute?? In this photo, he's 8 days old. Today they're 9 days old and the brother's eyes are not yet open. They should start opening within the next couple days though.

Two more hats...COMPLETED!!!! Cara and I were having a blast taking these photos...she was being so silly...the fact that the brown hat was so big just made her giggle!
The brown and green hat is so warm...the brown yarn is my handspun Corriedale/Rambouillet X and the green is Merino wool/Viscose blend from Winderwood Farm. I hope Sean's brother likes it!
The bright hat was intended for Caitlin, but I made it too tall. It fits Cara perfectly, so she has another hat for this winter. It's made from Jiffy Thick n Quick, I think....

Saturday, September 2, 2006

These are my latest handspun yarns....Merino/Viscose blends and Merino(bottom) from Winderwood Farm. They are all listed on Ebay right until Wednesday the 6th. My seller ID is 'whirlwindhandspuns'.
Sorry so far behind in posting kitten photos! Here they are at 3 days old. Later on today I will post a photo from today...they are 8 days old!! Cara and Brendan chose a name for the kitten we're keeping. Angel. It was Annie at first, but Cara thought of Angel and liked it better. AND...Angel's eyes have opened! I'm very surprised that her's are open before her brother's...they are a lot bigger.