Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Just a quick post to let my readers know that I have a new website! It covers my spinning fees and will showcase anything I have to sell. I have two pages of handmade beaded bookmarks for sale, with MANY more to come. And soon I will be creating new pages to offer my handspun yarn as well as any knitted or crocheted items.
Please let me know what you think of my site and if there are any broken links. I value any feedback you have to offer!!
Whirlwind Handspuns
Destined to be a scarf as a gift! I dyed the roving with 3 shades of green and left a little white. Both this yarn and the yarn below are a Merino/Targhee/Rambouillet blend.
This fun yarn I spun super thick and thin, then plied it. I think there's almost 3 ounces here...don't know about the yardage yet. Tomorrow it will be washed and hung out to dry....since here in Central NY it's supposed to be close to 70F!!!
Tomorrow I will also be rainbow dyeing skeins of white alpaca for a local well as more roving. I have to take advantage of warm weather and the fact that my clothesline is still hanging!
This skein will be for sale...and posted on my new website soon.
This is an order I'm working on for a friend's daughter. The yarn is Blue-Faced Leicester that I spun from dyed roving purchased from Winderwood Farm on Ebay. It's very of my favorite wools. I will also be knitting a scarf to match. Photos of the finished items will be posted.
This hat is another for my his request. The gray handspun is my own blend of grey alpaca and white Merino/Targhee/Rambouillet wool. The maroon yarn is Corriedale wool. I love the maroon and gray together!, how's she's growing!

As you can see, Caitlin's finger is in her mouth...her last 4 teeth are almost totally in. I'm looking forward to when I can no longer see drool all over her chin!!
She was posing for me for some of the pictures...she is quite the ham! She was also trying to watch The Aristocats, I I was interrupting a bit.
Can you believe it??? Caitlin is now 22 1/2 months old...almost 2! Where have the days gone??? She is really trying to say more words. "Me", "Baby", "Momma"(though she did say "Mommy" tonight!), and "Dada" are her coherent words. She knows many animal sounds and can understand just about everything we ask or tell her. I'm not worried at all about any delay...I think it's normal for the younger ones to talk later....big brother and sister do it all!

Caitlin has begun to throw tantrums when she doesn't get her way or what she wants. Dealing with this is tough some days...especially when she can't tell me in words what she's thinking. She has a very strong personality and I can see challenges ahead!

FINALLY.....New Kitten Photos!

Angel is about 13 weeks old in these photos. She's just so pretty...I love to take her picture when she's sleeping. It's tough to get good photos of her standing still when she's awake....but I'll keep trying. Her and her momma are buddies...they love to sleep on Cara's bed during the day and when they're awake, they often wrestle. Angel can hold her own even though she's less than half the size of Gracie!
Angel is sleeping on my lap as I'm working on this...that's where she's to be found in the evenings. I suppose my lap is the warmest place, especially when I'm knitting or spinning! (Of course, I do pet her A I'm sure she likes that too!)
Don't you just love the coloring on her legs!!?? Looks like a little calico is trying to peek through.