Monday, May 11, 2009

I love this tree!  I call it Beaver Lake's Joshua stands alone in the meadow.

Wild Violets? So pretty and dainty!

During the spring break last month, I took the kids on our first outing of the year to Beaver Lake...lots of new plants growing, budding and blossoming!  

Beautiful tulips...not sure what variety, though I have seen them in catalogs.

A single pinecone.

Gorgeous purple hyacinth.

Looking up a pine tree.

New tulip bud.

I believe this is a dogwood just starting to bud.

My favorite photo....I think I may frame this one.  The sky was SO blue that day...and that tree so striking against it!

Looking through a hole in a stump..focusing on the background.

My kids all in one shot...this is rare!  Caitlin did not want to stop and turn around for me...that took a little coaxing!

Cara...she loves the outdoors like I do!

Caitlin...she does too...she's the one to get dirty though!

Brendan...stopping to get something out of his shoe.

A tiny new sumac plant coming up in the pines.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures.

Would you be interested in a free angora rabbit? He is friendly and does not bite.

Let me know. My email is frenzzee at hotmail dot com.

I met you about 4 years ago and you helped me learn to spin. I came to your house.