Saturday, February 28, 2009

Winter Visit to the Zoo!

The kids had winter break last week, so I decided to take them to the Rosamund Gifford Zoo in Syracuse. All through January and February, the admission fees were less than half price. The four of us got in for $9!
It was cold and windy that day, so we only went outside to see the elephants. There are plenty of animals inside to keep little ones busy on a cold day. When warmer weather comes though, we will be going back and I will take more photos of the outdoor creatures!

The monkeys above are Golden Lion Tamarins...such a beautiful color!

A Puffer or Porcupine Fish.

Naked Mole Rats...truly ugly!!

A gorgeous Macaw, who wouldn't turn around!

One of the two lionesses...she was very busy watching something, or waiting maybe for dinner??

The other lioness and male...cozy in their little cave. I think the zoo is fundraising to build a better enclosure for them!!

Lions are absolutely BEAUTIFUL up close...WOW!

A Fossa(pronounced foosa), which lives only on Madagascar. They are a beautiful, reddish-brown color with huge chocolate eyes. This one was looking right at me. I think this is one of the zoo's newer animals.

A Fennec Fox. I don't think I was supposed to take pictures in here because it's so dark...saw the sign too late. Cara loves these animals and begged me to buy her a stuffed one in the gift shop!

The zoo's bull elephant, Indy. He is huge...weighing more than 11,000 pounds!

A powdery Cockatoo looking at treats the zookeeper is offering it. This one seemed very shy. This bird is fairly new here too.

I didn't write down what bird this was...but it is very pretty anyway!

A baboon watching the people. The kids get such a kick out of their colored rears!! It's very funny to hear other children's comments about them.

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Venom said...

Nice pics Amanda; cheap entry fee too, I'd go more often.

I'd also start a big building project like you're talking about just in hopes DOH would screw it up or slack off (wouldn't happen though, sigh) and I could call BRIAN @ DIY disaster...

Good luck with the baby.